Hotel Trends 2k’18

hotel trends

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving in many ways. Thanks to the millennial travelers, a new generation of passionate wanderers, the industry is upping its game to cater to a rapidly changing and growing customer base.

Also, with the world undergoing a major shift in decision making and buying power, the middle-class income brackets have grown magnificently and traveling becoming accessible to millions of more people and business has led the hotel industry towards a boom.

In this booming era, concepts that were never-heard-of-before are trending today. Well, wait, with the continuous mention of changing trends and acceptance of technology by the best budget hotels, simply doesn’t refer to just losing the human touch with robots taking over every minute task, on the contrary, it’s about embracing the technology while retaining the one-on-one interactions with the potential customers.

Further, to help you better understand these trends, we’ve rounded up few basic hotel industry trends that are at the top priority lists of all the best luxury hotels around.

1.Dedicated Web Presence: With a simultaneous influx of social media platforms popping up every now and then, marketers have made it a tendency to place a greater emphasis on developing their social presence rather than considering the importance of building a strong website. While we escape to acknowledge that while having brand recognition is an important driving factor, creating your own vanity mobile friendly and easy-to-navigate website is vital to driving bookings and revenue.

2.An Increased Focus On Direct Bookings: Every hotelier today, prefers direct booking rather than any other intermediately booking. Hotels by direct bookings may increase their profits by 20% – 30% fee while even passing on this margin to guests, thereby enhancing guest loyalty.

Direct hotel bookings have a lot in the benefit for the hoteliers, basically, direct booking is popular with frequent leisure travelers who during their travel focus more on the convenience and schedule adherence rather than a fake glimpse of luxuries. In addition, direct hotel booking for the stay enable the guests a virtual tour of the hotel and makes more convenient to book their getaway home.

3. The Shift of Focus to Mobile: Being a part of the mobile generation, it is important for service providers to create and maintain buying points on all platforms. With the continuous enhancement and involvement of technology, hoteliers have started making sure to offer an unrivaled web experience to their potential guests, in order to trigger their decision in favor of their offerings.

4. More Involved Communication: Within this tech-savvy era, chatbots are the most convenient way for hoteliers to interact with the potential visitors. These bots are strategically initiated in the hotel website to quickly respond to commonly asked questions and interact with the audiences giving out a personalized communication. Moreover, Frictionless communication is what creates the “magic” guests feel in order to consider your hotel as a well-run hotel across the city.

5.Tech Savvy Rooms: It’s 2018, and with the continuous technical enhancements, the best top hotels in the capitals, across the world are looking forward to offering technically advanced rooms. With technology not just limited to wifi access or in-room iPads, hoteliers are striving hard to customize and personalize their guest stay by offering facilities where the guests can control their room lighting, temperature, and TV all from their smartphone and a lot more.

These were the basic amenities that the best luxury and even budget hotels are striving to entail. Further, if you are a passionate traveler, make sure to visit Bhopal- The city of lakes, once in a lifetime, to experience beauty and serenity like never before. And, for the stay, the best choice that you’ve got is The Suraj Palace Hotel, the best boutique hotel, located near the city airport.

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