Hotel Booking Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Are Making

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Booking a hotel seems excessively easy now. Isn’t it? With these various third-party websites and applications, offering ever-changing deals and low prices for securing a hotel room is only one click away. Now it’s just like, pick your destination, chooses to stay dates, enter payment info, and you are all set for happy travels!

However, even with these quick booking portals and easy process, you could still be making some mistakes when it comes to hotel reservations. Whether it is dealing with the wrong apps and websites, to miss checking some vital information, these mistakes could easily make or break your trip.

If you any time think that, you can crack the lowest hotel price if you book as far ahead as possible, or wait until the best last-minute deal comes up for you, then you may end up overpaying for your next trip. As there certainly isn’t any predefined time to reserve your best-suited luxury hotel.

Further, to help you escape making blunders while reserving your hotel, we’ve uncovered a few regular blunders that people usually make while booking their stay, read on to know:

1.Choosing Luxury Over Comfort: People often tend to go for the hotels with “Luxury” tags in its market presence, whereas what you should do is to go for a comfort-oriented hotel offering elegant services.

You need to make sure that you book your stay at a hotel that proffers comfort, not luxuries if you want to save your money and make your travel budget-friendly.

2.Incorrect Getaway Dates: One of the most common mistakes that are often noticed is when one chooses to pre-book, in enthusiasm with incorrect dates. And this booking incorrect dates can be a hassle on your trip. Therefore, make sure that you double-check your arrival and departure dates before you go for the final payment booking.

3.Not Comparing Prices: “Great Price”! This is something that makes anybody turn once at the offering. The price being a primary determinant of any service, it is very important that you compare the various options available. Similarly, when it comes to booking the best budget hotel for your getaway, make sure that you look into the similar looking hotels and their prices before choosing one.

4.Falling on non-refundable rates: Have you ever wondered why is there a difference between normal rack rates and the non-refundable rates? Let us tell you, the difference is because, a hotelier can very efficiently benefit from a lower non-refundable price, as getting a customer locked into a low rate non-refundable booking won’t guarantee the availability of a ready room on time which may end up to you cancelling the room, which in return is bonus point for him. So, before you go for any booking think that if there come any unavoidable circumstances your money will be wasted.

5.Not Checking Reviews:  Now that you’ve compared prices, looked out for everything, the last and foremost thing is checking the word of their customers. Do your research, go through the customer reviews, testimonials to have an accurate image of the place you are looking out to stay.

So, these were a few things that require proper consideration before booking your hotel for your getaway. Moreover, if you are planning to have a peaceful getaway, do give Bhopal, the city of lakes a shot, for your vacation. And, here for your stay, your best choice is Hotel Suraj Palace, a hotel that blends luxury will comfort and culture.


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