City Treats: Mesmerizing Sights!

With a handful mesmerizing spots and numerous national parks to its name, Bhopal, the city of lakes, has a lot to offer to the people visiting the city. Being a place with some mesmerizing sights and budget hotels in Bhopal, staying here is always a treat for the people who wish to have an enjoyable getaway vacation.Now that we are actually mentioning about the city, let’s have a quick sneak peek into some spectacular weekend getaways the city entails:

Upper Lake: Bhopal,the capital city of Madhya Pradesh dwells a significant number of beautiful lakes. Upper Lake being the oldest human-made lake built across Kolans River in the 11th-century, commonly known as the Bhojtal is the most significant lake of Bhopal.This beautiful vast water body serves around 30 million gallons of potable water to the residents of the city. Being a primary source of water and a beautiful getaway for the residents, this is one of the most loved places in the city of lakes Bhopal.

Van Vihar National Park: Established in the year 1979 & disseminated over an area of approximately 445 hectares, Van Vihar National Park is one of the most admired National Park in Central India. Located adjacent to the upper lake, embraces the beauty of this favored spot while attracting wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Being a prime place of visit in the city, Van Vihar offers an amazing sight to the visitors who have an instinct love for animal and bird watching.

Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum: Another treat to your eyes is the tribal museum. With beautifully crafted interiors and architectures, the tribal museum is a walk through the tribal lifestyle. Amazingly expressing the traditions, culture and artistry of seven major tribes, this place is a must visit place in the city of lakes Bhopal.

ShauryaSmarak: Well in 2016, this new popular attraction was added the list of eye candy places in the capital city- Bhopal. Spread over 12acres, this place is a very beautiful tribute to the Indian army, Air force and Navy as well. The promising architecture of this place very efficiently displays the themes of war, life, victory anddeath of the respected army men. This place has been a loved sight for the residents and the people visiting the city.
Not just these above aligned, the city entails quite a lot when it comes to culture, architecture and history. With best hotels in Bhopal, mouth-watering food delicacies in ChatoriGali, historical walk through in Gauhar Mahal, Shaukat Mahal, to religious visits to Tajul-Mazjidand Birla Mandir, there’s a lot that the city holds.
A city steeped in history and intriguing past, Bhopal is a true paradise for curious travelers. Dotted with a trove of historical and archaeological sites, the city of lakes – Bhopal is a treasure that needs to be explored once in your lifetime. So, if you are curious for a memorable getaway, just browse through the online hotel bookings in Bhopal and step into the lake city, stay at the city’s best hotel and explore the amazing aura.

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